The Caprice Chair by Marcello Ziliani’s

Seat planning needed ideas that sparkled like that was seen by you in the picture was supervised this,
Marcello Ziliani’s Caprice chairThe Furniture Design of Zero-Gravity Chairs for Your Healthy. Read more ... » from Casprini is easily the most interesting and original transparent chairKahve, A Traditional Contemporary Design Of Chair. Read more ... » to hit the market since Christophe Pillet’s Meridiana Chair in 2004. It’s also more comfortable. Unlike the original transparent polycarbonate chairs, the Caprice chair’s transparent technopolymer body is softer, and it’s open asymmetrical honeycomb design not only allows it to flex (making it more comfortable) – it practically eliminates scratching. The Caprice chair is also generously proportioned.” - stephen spencer

Modern Caprice Chair 1

Modern Caprice Chair 2

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