Meridiani Sofa Collection

If you like to change your room layout, its better to change your sofaet Demi Couch, an Interesting Folding Couch, by Lundi et Demi. Read more ... » into modular, with the modular sofaModular Sofas Offer High Comfortability for Your Seating. Read more ... » you can customize your seating The Quilt chair Design for Estalished & Sons by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. Read more ... » area to you specific needs, from straight runs to serpentine shapes. Here’s the Meridiani Sofa CollectionSofa Collection Moooi Boutique by Marcel Wanders. Read more ... » from spencerinteriors that could be your choice. It’s easy to customize, if you imagine a circle, there are pieces to create seating facing inward toward the circle and there are pieces facing outward from the circle. Round corner units and square corner units allow multiple options for seating in corner areas of space. You could change into the eight different shapes and sizes it’s depend your imagination. With the modular sofa you can cope the boring feel in your space

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