A Simple Piece Of Design For Storing Books


A good design comes from everywhere in real life. Like this simpleElegant and Simple Dining Tables from Eero Saarinen. Read more ... » piece design of storing books. According to the story from the exhibitor, he discovered this practicality and beauty of book storageThe Modern Furniture Design of Minimal Coffee Table and Book Storage. Read more ... » during his normal routine. He has used a shelfShelframe, a Shelf Box by Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad. Read more ... » by IKEAIKEA’s Dalfred Stool with a Creative Saddle. Read more ... » which is made by good simple panels but it makes him get lots of book holders. So, he tried to solve the problem and find a few of methods. This is one of them with elastic bands he is really proud of.

The unique shape of simple designThe Simple Design of Aluminum Chair. Read more ... » of book storageFullcolor Storage System with Steel Frame Structure by Koenraad Ruys for Moca. Read more ... » that is a beauty of continuity has come from the Korean consonant LIEUL’?’. The simplicityModern and Simplicity in Bathroom Design. Read more ... » works properly although this is made by a piece of material (LG Hi-MAX). Differently with the ordinary shelvesPlanet 3 Glass and Wood Media Tower, Grey. Read more ... », that they are generally a box type or a shape which includes many panels on the square around. Beside unefficient, they have a few problems with big volume such as packaging and shipping, placing and styling with the environment around.

This Liuel works with elastic bands stopping the books from falling out. These bands can be moved to different positions on the shelf to customize.



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