How An Architect Design His Own House – Part 1 (A Creative and Innovative Movement)


Architect will always make a new surprise in creating their works. Exploration in mass form, structure and proportion, supported by innovative design and sophisticated technology focusing in elaborate a masterpiece. There is no boundary in design exploration to achieve a creative movement. Ridwan Kamil, an urban architect said that spontan design can be more uniqueModern Furniture Design Chair. Read more ... » to be realized than the early design. In his house designHow An Architect Design His Own House – Part 2 (A Phenomenal Secondary Skin). Read more ... » in North Bandung, he realized expressive and creative ideas in architecture language with aesthetical and functional design.

To Emil, that is name he is usually called, to do design is like perform a ritual religious service. He really knows the must obey regulations and which are flexible regulations. So he can create a unique architecture and interior language in each design. Here, in his own home designA Harmony of Japanese Architecture with the Nature. Read more ... », he combine his working experience, knowledge and dream to create a modern homeSirio, Modern Foyer Design Inspiration by Arredokit Italy. Read more ... ».


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