How An Architect Design His Own House – Part 2 (A Phenomenal Secondary Skin)


When designed his home, many ideas wanted to be realize. He covered the building with secondary skin to conceal the main building which is wide-range open with glass materialLine Texture of Material Furniture. Read more ... » up until the ceiling. The architect explained that the secondary skin is like a surface, curtain, partition, window and stumbling block from the sun daylight. This skin looks unique yet functional, using unusual material. With 30 thousands of used kratingdaeng bottles, they sticked on and arranged each other. This composition creates the semi-transparant partition surfaces. Why these used bottles chose? Because of its medium size and itas orangeModern Interior Bedroom with Orange Style. Read more ... » color delivers natural comfortable lighting when the sunlight falls on them. That lighting effect is suitable with the interior color theme, that is woodDama Buffet Creates a Natural Modern Ambience Room. Read more ... » brown.

Emil said that the secondary skin has a philosophy, like the architect Budi Pradono said. The philosophy is perform a traditionalKahve, A Traditional Contemporary Design Of Chair. Read more ... » image in the modernWinsome Wood End Table/Night Stand with Drawer and Shelf, White. Read more ... » language.


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