Rickrack Bench, a Natural Modern Bench for Seating


Monica Correia has merged the natural and modernModern Contemporary Bench with 2 Cubes, Brown Faux Leather. Read more ... » in her benchThe Modern Furniture of Tobbogin Series. Read more ... » design. For the “Rickrack” benchWalking Man Bench. Read more ... », a pieceCreative Seating Design, Mon Amour Seating Collection, by Desart. Read more ... » of rickrack inspired the design of a layer developed with computer aided design (CAD) to be cut and mass produced using computer numerical control (CNC) technology. Layers of plywoodPrater Chair from Plywood by Marco Dessí. Read more ... » with a rickrack design are joined together with metal tubing in different ways creating space for seatingZuo Modern Rhumba Chaise Sale, the Contemporary seating Furniture. Read more ... » for one of more persons. When joined together, the layers of plywood create the notion of movement, making visual reference to fabric and the way rickrack is packed for selling. The user decides the quantity of layers, their assemblage and number of benches arranged together. The holes along the edge provide options for attachment. This modern benchCarolina Cottage Large Devonshire Bench. Read more ... » for seating has measurement 36″ x 40″ x 16″. With bambooThe Furniture Design of Bamboo Chair Jun Zi by Jeff Dah-Yue Shi . Read more ... » plywood, the bench quietly engaging between natural material and modern technique.

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