Wall Mount Towel Warmer, A Contemporary Product Design for The Ultimate Bathroom


Some people consider theHeretic Couch, The Contemporary Furniture Design By AUTUM. Read more ... » bathroomBathroom Interior Design. Read more ... » is the last remaining sanctuary to revive the body and soul today. They want to take perfect happiness of becoming completely wet, otherwise more lively of a shower. Focused on pleasure and functionality form, SKOPE Industries has released the Glascia, a beautiful towel warmer to input an elegance and sophistication to modern bathrooms.

The look of this revolutionary new bathroomPersonalize The Bathroom With Ultimate Luxury SPA Bath. Read more ... » product is entirely contemporary. With its simple handcrafted form, composed a stunning glass and polished metal. This Glascia towel warmer appears streamlined and up to date that will give something extraordinary in the contemporary bathroomColored Bathtubs for Contemporary Bathroom Design. Read more ... ». The integration of recycled aluminum and Scandinavian glass provides aesthetic balance while also allowing maximum heat transfer, that will keep the towel even the bathroom fresh and dry.

This developed contemporary product design can be choose in one to four panel models, configurated in both left and right-handed. It’s a pleasant choice for any size space because can be mounted onto tilesEco-Felt Buzziskin 3D Tiles the Revolution of Tiles. Read more ... » and other bathroom walls surfaces. So practical and beautiful.



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