Ofuro Bathroom Design – A Japanese Bathroom Inspiration

Japanese Bathroom Design Inspiration

This bathroom designOyster Tub for Elegant Bathroom Design. Read more ... » provides the pleasure of a traditionalKahve, A Traditional Contemporary Design Of Chair. Read more ... » JapaneseJapanese Style of Dining Room Furniture by Hara Design. Read more ... » bath. The handcrafted Hinoki Ofuro bath by SeaOtter WoodWorks offers warmth and relaxation, whilst the large windows on two sides offer a beautiful view of a snowy forest. The scene is brighter with a mirrorThe Indian Mother of Pearl Inlay Mirror from Instyle Décor. Read more ... » on the third wall. The rectangular bath is placed on a platform, an object of beauty in Hinoki woodDama Buffet Creates a Natural Modern Ambience Room. Read more ... » (with a natural citrus aroma), teak or cedar. Enjoy the natural bathing with this bathroomPersonalize The Bathroom With Ultimate Luxury SPA Bath. Read more ... » design.