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Kelland Nelson House – Modern House Design

House design, Kelland House, Modern House

This house is designed with high level of privacy shelter in order to get refugee from complex of routinity. The living spaces located on the private side of two curving, massive brick walls. The two walls are cement-bagged and finished with white painting. There are some methods to get the natural light come into the house: washing along soft brick surfaces, soaking down through skylights protected by outer skins of membrane, filtering in through many combinations of timber shutters, or reflecting up from the pool onto the ceilings.

House design, Kelland House, Modern House

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Minimalist House Design in Formentera Spanish Island

minimalist house design

This building sits between existing woods and an old traditional stone wall with 12×12 sqm floor area. This minimalist house is designed by Marià Castelló Martinez for himself, consists of the house and studio. They are separated with a core infrastructure including library, filing cabinets, bathroom, kitchen, cupboards, Murphy beds, mechanicals, and two sliding iroko wood panels.
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C-1 House – A Minimalist House in Tokyo, Japan

c1 house-minimalist house-tokyo

This house project is out of the ordinary housing even in the architectural design process. Located in Tokyo, Japan, this house is a glass box surrounded by a walkway-gallery that connects different floor in the structure seamlessly. The architects of C-1 house are Gwenael Nicolas from Curiosity collaborated with Tomoyuki Ustumi from Milligram Studio. Continue reading

Tsumari Cottage – Public Cottage in Nigata, Japan

tsumari cottage, public cottage, Japanese architecture, Japanese house

This work from Daigo Ishii and Future-scape Architects is a public cottage in the heaviest snowfall region in Japan. The cottage is devised into two volumes. The outer form is called big box, finished in black. While the second space is for living, placed in a row called Tube and finished in white. The two spaces make a contras viewpoint which looks at surrounding nature. Considering the heavy snow, the exterior wall finished with local techniques. Continue reading

Shigemi House – Unusual Shape of Japanese House Design

Japanese House, Modern House, Japanese Architecture, Wood House

This is a Japanese modern house whit the facades which are in wooden boards. In order to protect the house facades from the rain, the Shigemi House is built in unusual shape. The owner of the house has a timber company and wants to fill the home with the company’s product indoor and outdoor. This unique house located in Oita, Japan. Takao Shiotsuka Atelier has designed this house with brilliant idea so the house doesn’t need wide eaves as a necessity for protecting the fine wood of the facades. Continue reading