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Fun and Colorful Furniture for Teenager Room

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Teenager’s live is full of expression. They need a private room where they can do their activities with joy. Battistella Industria Mobili is a company which is concern in wooden furniture for kids and teen rooms. They have designed comfortable and ergonomic furniture to fulfill the market demands. The furniture sets consist of comfortable beds, desks, spacious wardrobes and various creative shelves in different bright colors as the teenager’s spirit. [via] Continue reading

Simple and Modern in Office as a Commercial Building

When designed an interior of commercial building, we have to perform the character of product or company in room design. For example here, interior design of head office of cellular phone company in South Jakarta, Indonesia. Designed by Gregorius Yolodi and team, this 301 square meters office has a concept began from the character of telecommunication network technology, the basis of the cellular phone product. The products are dinamic, progressive, and fluid that express sophisticated, light and transparent. The product uniqueness represented by simple and modern elements of the room.

The strength of design is materialized by applicating the the straight vertical and horizontal lines, clean from complexity ornaments. The selected materials from combination of metal, glass, and board give up-to-date impression. Every material applicated is sticking it out its pure colour and texture. For instance, perforated metal board and anti-corrosion alumunium used as divider room frame, door frame and workstation. The glass material with sandblast finishing is applied as ceiling and wall cover, also for the furniture such as table and product display showcase. The accent is created by wood material applied in some parts of the interior, in the corridor and the filing cabinets.


Picture 1: Workstation; dominated by the material combination of metal, glass, and high pressure laminated board. The wood material become an attractive accent and creating homy feeling.

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Contemporary Cappuccino Finish Computer Desk w/ Pull Out Tray

We only saw it online. But liked its style. It had to be shipped cross country and was shipped with great care in packing. There were no problems. My son put it together and it is perfect for his room. It is not huge like a lot of desks and looks better when you see it in person than it did online.
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INNOVEX GPC77 Contemporary Computer Desks

Great Buy! Elegant Leda Blue Glass Work Station. Picture this beautiful workstation in your office. It’s exactly what an accomplished professional like you deserves. With its gorgeous blue tempered glass surface, the Leda Executive DLGPC77 workstation offers both contemporary elegance and the versatile functionality you need for maximum performance. Steel frames deliver rugged durability. Features multiple shelves for optimum storage. Smooth round edges protect against injury. The Leda DL-GPC77 workstation provides comfort, efficiency and elegance you deserve, at a price you can easily afford.
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