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Japanese Shell Villa House in the Middle of the Woods

Japanese House,Japanese Shell Villa, Japanese Architecture, Japanese Villa, Kotaro

Like a unique sculpture in the middle of the woods, this villa building is designed to make coexistence of the building and nature. Take 1,711 sq m site area located in kitasaku, Nagano, Japan, this villa has large shell shape structure. That is why this villa to be named Shell Villa. Shell Villa has 329,65 sq m total floor area, in 2 stories. The house is made of concrete and wood and finished as well as to resist with climate. This shell villa house designed by Kotaro Ide from Artechnic Architects firm offers leisure and beautiful view of the nature.

Japanese House,Japanese Shell Villa, Japanese Architecture, Japanese Villa, Kotaro

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How An Architect Design His Own House – Part 3 (Texture, Color, and Floating Element)

How-An Architect-Design-His-Own-House

Sited on a trapezoid terrain, the design orientation of this home has to suited with the land condition. The form of the main massa is U-letter with the front house to be inclined to the street, so the interior lay-out is separated accidentally. But the architect still composed the room open each other with the application of transparant effect and domination of grating line in the interior. He used split level structure with two storey composition in the front massa and three storey composition in the back massa.

How An Architect Design His Own House – Part 1 (A Creative and Innovative Movement)


Architect will always make a new surprise in creating their works. Exploration in mass form, structure and proportion, supported by innovative design and sophisticated technology focusing in elaborate a masterpiece. There is no boundary in design exploration to achieve a creative movement. Ridwan Kamil, an urban architect said that spontan design can be more unique to be realized than the early design. In his house design in North Bandung, he realized expressive and creative ideas in architecture language with aesthetical and functional design.
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Complement your Contemporary Interior Design with the Green Separator from Dedon


It’s uncomfortable if the rooms of the house can be seen by the outsider directly. You may be interested to take this one practical solution. Placed a partition or room separator which is functioned as decorative element either. With this Green room separator from Dedon, you can solve your lack of privation problem. This unique piece, can help you to divide a room if you want to create distinct areas in your home without visually blocking them off. Continue reading

Contemporary Design in Architecture

Contemporary style is a term which is free used for some styles, blooming at year of 1940-1980’s. Frequently, contemporary style translated as modern as a term of modern architecture (Illustrated Dictionary of Architecture, Ernest Burden).


The contemporary term, even the same as modern term or something up to date, it is different in architecture design. Contemporary design is an advanced design, variative, flexible, and inovative in form and performance, material, even building technology. Contemporary design perform more new style. Old style designs which are labelled by contemporary term will perform more fresh design, different from the ordinary such as modern contemporary, classic contemporary, or ethnic contemporary. Affiliation of modern architecture designs which are more complex and inovative also called as contemporary design. For example, deconstruction, post-modernism, or high tech modernism. Continue reading