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The Bamboo Furniture Design of Spring Stool

 The Bamboo Furniture Design of Spring Stool

The Dutch designer Erik Jansen has designed the Spring Stool which is exhibited by the Belgian manufacturer Wildspirit at ICFF 2010 in New York. This stool has unique shape that is a beautiful flower. This beautiful flower was created from the bamboo stripes that have been cut and bowed in a special way. This bamboo furniture is flexible and sure will suit whether you place it in your kitchen, lounge bar, or living room. Continue reading

Create Elegant Interior with the Orchid Lounge Chair

orchid lounge chair design

The design of the Orchid lounge chair is inspired by the leaves of an orchid, seems in its very detailed organic forms. The chair design from Silence and Grace has elegant curves and finished in clean white finish. This modern seating furniture is constructed of an on-piece mould epoxy fiberglass shell using modern technology. The chair also comes in an epoxy and bamboo fiber version that in development mounted on a brushed steel base. After all, this Orchid chair has enchantment in looks that will be wonderful in any living space, yet comfort to sit on it because of its flexibility.
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Make a Contemporary Décor Wall with Inhabit’s Eco Friendly Wall Flats

contemporary decor with eco-friendly wall flats

If you get bored with the plain walls of your room, add a wonderful texture with Inhabit’s embossed wall flats. The flats are designed in variety of patterns. They are easy to use with the adhesive tabs and the simple patterns. This modern wall flats are designed by Mike and Jennifer Tuttle. Sure it will suit to your contemporary interior design. You can compose desirable patterns or painted the flats in order to coordinate your home decors. The flats are made from 100% bamboo pulp, which is environmentally friendly because the material is one of the world’s most renewable resources.
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Rickrack Bench, a Natural Modern Bench for Seating


Monica Correia has merged the natural and modern in her bench design. For the “Rickrack” bench, a piece of rickrack inspired the design of a layer developed with computer aided design (CAD) to be cut and mass produced using computer numerical control (CNC) technology. Layers of plywood with a rickrack design are joined together with metal tubing in different ways creating space for seating for one of more persons. When joined together, the layers of plywood create the notion of movement, making visual reference to fabric and the way rickrack is packed for selling. The user decides the quantity of layers, their assemblage and number of benches arranged together. The holes along the edge provide options for attachment. This modern bench for seating has measurement 36″ x 40″ x 16″. With bamboo plywood, the bench quietly engaging between natural material and modern technique.

Tropical Wicker Bamboo Décor – 31″ Renato Rattan Coffee Table w/ Double Lantern Base & Glass Top

Attractive variation of classic Japanese paper lantern, crafted from 100% kiln dried Scandinavian Spruce, with fiber reinforced pressed pulp rice paper shade & subtle cranes in flight design, diffused light creates a soft, warm glow in any room. UL approved wiring, socket, and switch for a 25 Watt bulb, ships in 48hrs from our Massachusetts warehouse via FedEx, expedited delivery available. Great gift idea!

Tropical Wicker Bamboo Décor - 31