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Leather Doode Sofa by Front for Moroso

 Leather Doode Sofa by Front for Moroso

Doodle sofa is more than leather sofa by Front for Moroso. The sofa design is inspired by the act/art of doodling. The whole piece is a circular form, which is folded and tucked into the appropriate shape for sitting. the unique sofa is complimented by actual doodles, which were created by the team during design meetings, giving it more than a comfortable sofa. You can see the pattern on the leather sofa, which is the absentminded drawings, capturing it part of the creative mind and its subconscious process. Continue reading

Front: Gentle, Contemporary Chair

 Front: Gentle, Contemporary  Chair

Swedish designers Front represented the Gentle Chair for Porro. The chair design features the simplicity in contemporary design. The frame of the contemporary chair is made of two contrasting materials, like wood and metal wrapped by leather. The seat is upholstered in leather, creating it ‘soft’ feeling. The modern chair features two perfect and beautiful colors, giving it perfect double coloured effect. Continue reading