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The Japanese Floor Furnitures of Dining Room by Hara

 Dharma Lounge Furniture by Palette Industry

A tradition of sitting on the floor is Japanese’s tradition. This dining furniture described: the aesthetic was developed as the idea. The floor furniture is being made by modern Japanese furniture company Hara. The Japanese furniture is curved and simply-carved wood backs. Prairie School and other forms of Early Modernism are brought to mind. Optional armrests established conventional extensions. It consists of cloth backs and floor cushions, while curved surface edges along the length of the table. Continue reading

Hara Design’s Modern Japanese Dining Room Furniture

 The Modern Japanese Dining Room Furniture

A Japanese house is an architectural product represents the relaxing and inviting. One of interesting things in a Japanese house is tatami, where comfortable eating on the floor can actually be. Due to get a taste of Japanese in dining room, Hara Design has created this Japanese Dining Furniture. The furniture actually based on the tatami concept with modernization. Continue reading