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Sleeping In the Egg?

 Sleeping In the Egg?

Comfort in sleep is the most in priority for us. Here is a unique bed design resembles an egg that can be used for your pet, sory not for us!. he3x. Your pet can sleep like a child’s chickens before they hatch. It felt warm and comfortable. But be careful! This unique bed can only be used in an animal that weighs no more than 100 kg. ok? More info visit pEi Pod. Continue reading

Let’s Change The Design Of Our Bedroom With This Style

 Let's Change The Design Of Our Bedroom With This Style

Do you need change your style bedroom? Just try this modern bedroom. Although representing classic tradition, it is a contemporary style. This modern wrought iron bed by Ciacci . brings about such an interesting, almost emotional reaction. Astro is unique bed design, with geometric and sort of scientific, which decorates the bedroom. When we see the pattern of the bed’s framework, it seemed to chemical bonds or might be constellation maps. The beautiful bedroom is perfect for your modern room, so you feel comfortable when lying on this bedroom.
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Unusual Bed, New Innovation Furniture Design by Vitamin Design

Unusual Bed, New Innovation Furniture Design  by Vitamin Design

Vitamin Design spices designed this unusual bed design. Winner of the 2011 Interior Innovation Award, this bed design was not only a regular bed. A useful ledge/tray/display area became available directly behind it because of how the headboard sits, in relation to the bed frame. Stacking some books, items you would place on a nightstand, or display a favorite collection, it was great place. The plants could be planted on a little green space. This modern bed could not be pushed up against a wall due to the possibility of such an unusual backside. The unique bed could change your bedroom dynamic forever because it could sit dead center and be interesting from all sides. Continue reading

Fluttua Furniture, The Floating Bed from Lago

 Fluttua was The Floating Bed from Lago

Now there was possible a floating bed, like those from SciFi movies. It was called the Fluttua bed from Lago. The bed design had the appearance that was floating a short distance from the floor. To give the bed its floating appearance, the frame of modern bed embedded to the wall. A single post under the center was supported. It was sure that this unique bed had a strong impact on the visitors, and they were impressed. Continue reading

Lago Nest-Like Bed by Nusa Jelenec

 Lago Nest-Like Bed by Nusa Jelenec

For today, one of Lago‘s latest creations was created by Nusa Jelenec. Comfortable and with a high regard to aesthetic aspects, this interesting looking piece of bed design ensured its owner would never go through the unpleasant and embarrassing experience of falling off the bed. Not only were the margins stylish and original, but the modern bed was extremely soft. The complementary night tables were enjoyed, as they set to pleasantly fill up a friendly and cozy interior. For those of joining the Milan festivities, Lago would also be showed the bed. This unique bed was one of their exhibited products. Their “corner” was definitely worth the visit. Continue reading