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Garment, Unique Lounge Chair by Benjamin Hubert for Cappellini

 Garment,  unique lounge chair by Benjamin Hubert for Cappellini

Italian brand Cappellini showed a unique chair, called by Garment. This club chair is designed by London designer Benjamin Hubert. The unique lounge chair has a unique approach. The approach is based on application and construction of textile. This chairdesign is made of the moulded polyurethane foam and is wrapped by a singe piece of fabric. The cover of the modern seat is not sewn and is attached to the furniture with Velcro. Because of without sewing, the cover can be removed as you wish. It can be folded to become the part of the chair’s characteristics.
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Dharma Lounge Chair Furniture by Palette Industry

 Dharma Lounge Chair Furniture by Palette Industry

Palette Industry designed the Dharma Lounge. The unique lounge chair became an interesting approach for a chair. The use of laser cutters in furniture design was beginning to make these typographic efforts relatively easy to produce. The Lounge chair was displaying the following: Stand, Forget, Breathe, Acknowledge & Observe. This chair design caught some attention from the typography community. Continue reading